Pilates Classes

 KarinKarin Stephens, Pilates Instructor

Karin Stephens, is a fully certified Body Control Pilates (U.K.) and Stott Pilates (Mat and Reformer) instructor, most recently teaching classes at Pilates for Life in Yorkville, and a member of the teacher training team at the Body Control Pilates Teacher Training Centre in Richmond Hill. Prior to that, she taught in Switzerland at the Swissbody studio based in Geneva, and was also teaching at The Partnership in Kent, England. She has introduced Pilates to elite gymnasts at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and presented a 10-week Fundamentals in Pilates course at The Physio Studio in Toronto.

Her personal experience of back pain and other postural issues inspired her to take Pilates as a form of relief and to develop strength, and she now passionately teaches others what Pilates can do for them, how Pilates can qualitatively change their lives, both in mind and body, preventing problems, helping with injuries and re-energizing lifestyles.

 Pilates Class Descriptions:

Core Basics Pilates: 

This all-levels class targets exercises to help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of support in your legs and arms. Build a strong foundation with a class that focuses on the fundamentals of core strength and graceful, efficient movement and will assist in your day-to-day life and sports activities.

Introductory and Therapeutic Pilates:

Put your Pilates practice—and your day-to-day life—on a strong foundation with a class that focuses on the fundamentals of core strength and graceful, efficient movement, using small equipment such as the foam roller, therabands, stability cushions and weighted balls. This class is ideal for those just beginning and for anyone wishing to fine-tune and build on essentials.

Core Conditioning:

An intermediate level class of resistance and balance training each week using a mix of apparatus, such as the roller, weighted balls, resistance bands and stability cushions. Each week a different lineup of apparatus means your mind and body are constantly challenged to master new moves, and muscles you never knew you had suddenly come alive.