Class Descriptions

Yoga (All levels, levels 1-2 & level 2)

Yoga (All levels), Yoga (Levels 1-2) and Yoga (Level 2) classes will begin with a meditation practice and transition into a ‘vinyasa’ or ‘flow’ style class.  Students will be encouraged to move through traditional, active Yoga postures and Sun Salutations by way of breath and attention to alignment.  All-levels classes offer a variety of modifications for each posture and are suitable for newer students. Level 1-2 classes move into stronger, deeper, weight-bearing postures and level 2 classes explore fluid transitions between postures, inversions and more challenging physical postures.

Gentle Yoga (All levels)

This class welcomes all levels and focuses on alignment, mindful movement, and breath work.  The asana (posture) practice will minimize extra weight bearing while still encouraging range of motion within the joints.  Modifications are available for every posture and students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Kids’ Yoga (Registered class)

Children will learn the basic underlying philosophy of Yoga through a playful asana (posture) practice, partner yoga, and art.  Meditation (or simple concentration techniques) will be introduced by way of focusing on the breath or an object.  Classes generally follow a theme such as gratitude, compassion, mindfulness, etc.  A healthy snack is provided and pick up from NCPS optional.

Drumbeat Yoga (All levels)

The use of sound, specifically a drumbeat, is used to help pacify the busy mind.  Each movement is synchronized with both breath and sound encouraging the mind to drop from its ever-so-common state of multi-tasking.  This is a dynamic practice in which we move from lying to standing and everything in between.  Drumbeat Yoga is intentionally followed by Restorative Yoga for those looking to delve deeper into their practice.  Following Drumbeat Yoga, the mind is primed to rest allowing the body to drop deeper into relaxation in Restorative Yoga.   

Gentle Flow & Restorative (All levels)

This class is designed for all of us living on this busy planet! By synchronizing breath and gentle, dynamic movement in the early part of the practice, we are able to drop out of our to-do lists and thought patterns and connect again with our bodies. From this gentle dynamic practice, we move into restorative yoga and passive postures which serve to nourish and restore the body back to its original state of homeostasis, or balance. The class finishes with Yoga Nidra, a deep form of meditation.

Restorative Yoga (All levels)

Seated, walking, and lying meditations will be explored in more depth during this evening class.  Described as ‘the Yoga of Being’, Restorative Yoga encourages passive, supported postures in which breathwork may be explored.   Postures are held for a longer duration as a way of invoking the relaxation response within the body.  This class is strategically placed to restore, nourish and renew after a busy week and reset for the week to come!

Bro-ga: Yoga for Guys (All levels)

In this all-levels class designed specifically for guys, we spend some extra time focusing on the low back, chest, shoulders and hamstrings.  The class moves through a slow progression that encourages muscles to loosen their grip, joints to increase their range and breath to expand its reach.  As in all classes, modifications are offered for those suffering from chronic or acute pain and those returning from injury.

Yoga Therapy (Individualized Yoga Session & Registered Class)

What is Yoga Therapy? Most simply put, Yoga therapy is the application of Yoga to an individual.

Where a yoga class may serve a collective focus (restorative, hip opener, strengthening etc.)  a yoga therapy session is designed to support the individual needs of the client.  A qualified Yoga therapist will work with postures, breathing, diet recommendations and lifestyle changes.  The therapist moves through a comprehensive intake process and then designs an individualized Yoga practice coupled with dietary and lifestyle suggestions intended to minimize ‘symptoms’ and encourage moving the client toward wellness and independence. 

In a Registered Therapeutic Yoga Class setting, you can expect a small, consistent group, an intake process prior to the session and the same overall intention of a personalized focus.

Yang-Yin Yoga (Level 1-2)

A class carefully designed to explore the active, heat building, strengthening ‘Yang’ practice with the passive, cooling, opening ‘Yin’ practice. Begin with purging the body of restlessness or stagnation by way of dynamic movement and then drop more easily into a place of stillness to find space in both the body and mind.