Sass Dempsey

Studio Owner ~ Certified Yoga Therapist ~ Yoga Instructor

Sass Dempsey is a senior Yoga Instructor who has taught in Canada since 2005. She spent years studying abroad in India, Nepal and Taiwan and has run retreats both in Canada and internationally. More recently, Sass has become certified as a Yoga Therapist. She holds undergraduate degrees in supporting fields with Bachelors in Physical and Health Education, Science, and Education. While working on a Masters in Counselling Psychology, Sass’ research led her to study the parallels between Yoga and modern-day Psychology. 

Sass’ approach is gentle and guided by the needs of each student. In addition to owning and running a Yoga studio for the past 8 years, she has extended her teaching to many community groups including: elite athletes, children, youth and seniors.

Working in the capacity of a Yoga Therapist has enabled her to refine this individually-focused style even further. Sass has worked with clients with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, post-aneurism, post-surgery (hip/knee), MS, addictions, anxiety, depression, lyme disease, cancer, low back and neck pain, clients in wheel chairs, athletes experiencing performance anxiety in sport and those training for major competitions.

In opposition to the pace of the outside world, Sass’ Yoga classes and Yoga Therapy carve out the time to pacify the mind, awaken the body and breath and re-calibrate. It is from this place of balance, that new perspectives arise and invite us to step, with more ease, back into the day.

To connect with Sass: thecreemoresanctuary@gmail.com ~ (705) 888-7729

Karin Stephens

studio owner ~ Pilates instructor

Karin Stephens is an experienced Body Control Pilates (U.K.) and Stott Pilates (Mat and Reformer) instructor, having taught group classes, private sessions and workshops in Canada and internationally since 2004.

Karin first discovered Pilates because of back pain and other postural issues. Her mentor Evelyn Charters, inspired her to take Pilates classes as a form of relief and to develop strength. Even after being taught only a handful of exercises, she knew straight away that there was something extremely beneficial about it. After moving to Toronto from England, she trained as a Pilates instructor so that she could share the magic of Pilates with other people. Her interest in movement education and further professional development covers a vast array of workshops and courses such as on the foam roller, triad and stability balls, therabands, stability chair, reformer, spiky balls and other equipment; Pilates for golf, athletic conditioning, barre, older populations, hip and knee replacements, shoulder complex, Parkinson’s, scoliosis and bone health to mention a few.

To connect with Karin : karin_stephens@hotmail.com ~ (416) 518- 8365