Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Pilates (Prehab/Rehab/Foundation (pre-registered)

In this series of classes we build the basics to keep our backs strong and free of chronic pain and tension. A more integrated and purposeful approach to mind-body fitness; complementing physiotherapy, as it helps preserve results while addressing chronic conditions, injuries or pain. Classes focus on muscle release, breathing, precision of movement and developing mind-body connection while helping you rehabilitate injury, relax and—quite simply—restore you to your best self. We also look to develop strength in our core, as well as join stability and alignment throughout the body.

Core and Cardio on the Ball (Level 1-2)

Using the Stability Ball (also known as the Physio Ball), this class targets exercises to help you develop core control, strength and flexibility and adds a cardio element with bouncing and standing work. The unstable, mobile nature of the ball challenges your deep muscles and provides all-over strengthening and body toning, it also provides a great full body stretch. Gently restorative at one level, demanding and challenging at another, balance is challenged in a range of positions and endurance is emphasized.

Mat Essentials/Beginner Pilates (Foundation/Level 1)

Put your Pilates practice—and your day-to-day life—on a strong foundation with a class that focuses on the fundamentals of core strength and graceful, efficient movement. It is a balanced workout that really starts to challenge how you use your core in relation to resistance provided by small equipment. This class is ideal for beginners and for anyone wishing to fine-tune and build on essentials.

Core Balance (Levels 1 & 2, previous experience required)

It’s time to take your workout to the next level with dynamic and classical exercises requiring greater stability, strength and endurance. Progress your Pilates foundational movements with added challenges to your core and your balance. This is an intermediate level class of resistance and balance training each week using a mix of apparatus, such as the stability ball, roller, weighted balls, resistance bands, discs and stability cushions. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of support in your legs and arms. Participants should be comfortable enough with fundamental routines to build on them and be able to work at a swift pace.

Weekend Workout (All Levels)

A perfect balance between strength and flexibility training. Intended for people who want to challenge themselves and also feel stretched out at the end of class. Simple moves, lots of flow and a great test of your strength endurance as you build long, lean muscles and enhance your core control and coordination.

Private Session – Matwork

There’s nothing better than getting a personal touch. Private sessions are a great way to elevate your game. Pilates rebalances muscular imbalances, helps to correct postural alignment and promotes proper neuromuscular firing. Private sessions allow you to work with an instructor, one on one, to achieve your own personal goals – athletic training, injury rehabilitation or postural correction. Pilates privates are especially recommended for those who are recovering from injury, suffer from back pain and chronic ailments.

There are many different variations to each pose in Pilates, and in order to move to the next level, you need to have a solid foundation of the basics. By working one-on-one, you will be able to work through the basic poses at a pace that is best for you and stay motivated. The best part about working through the basics in a private session is that you can take everything you learn and directly apply it to the group classes.

Change happens through movement and movement heals. - Joseph Pilates