How you stand is very important!

Something to think about when you are standing around the holiday punch bowl, or waiting in the checkout line, carving the turkey or decorating your house – how we stand.

Standing affects our posture, general movement and overall wellbeing. When we do standing work in a class, think of the benefits:

  • It challenges your balance and proprioception;
  • We are weight bearing without equipment;
  • It provides variety and is functional to our day;
  • It helps improve awareness of our gait (how we walk/run); and
  • It is helpful for pelvic floor awareness.

When standing, think of how your feet, ankle, knees and hips align, keep lengthening the body out of the hips and waist and keep grounded through the balls of the feet and heels.

Stand Tall

Standing tall makes you feel strong, confident and less likely to feel pain, according to new research from Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.sychology aside, correct posture has a direct impact on well-being, according to kinesiologist Craig Kipling, principal ergonomics consultant. “Posture affects nerve stimulation, the circulation of blood, the lymphatic system and has a huge impact on everyday life — standing tall makes you feel confident, changing how others see us but also how we see ourselves.”

And if you need another reason to get out of that chair and get moving:

  • As soon as you sit the electrical activity in your legs shuts off;
  • Calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute;
  • Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%;
  • Good cholesterol drops 20%;
  • Sitting 6+ hours per day increases your risk of early death up to 40% EVEN if you exercise; and
  • The recommended 30 minutes of daily activity is not enough.

Get up out of your chair frequently throughout the day and move around!