Do you or anyone you know suffer from joint pain?  Join Sass for a comprehensive look at how Yoga therapy, movement, diet and lifestyle can serve to help alleviate this suffering.

This workshop will serve to connect the biomechanics of the body with the understanding of arthritis as a condition and finally how the application of Yoga may serve to alleviate symptoms.

Sass Dempsey (BSc, BPHE, BEd) has a background in kinesiology, science and education. More recently, she is pursuing a two year course with Yoga Therapy Toronto to certify as a Yoga Therapist (YT) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga Therapy is the application of Yoga to an individual which is supported by the therapist’s understanding of various conditions  (Arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s etc.) from both an Eastern and Western perspective.  Having completed her YT thesis on Yoga and arthritis, she looks forward to sharing her findings.

Advance registration is required. Please msg, email, or phone/text (705) 888-7729 to reserve your space.

Date: Saturday November 17th
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Investment: $40